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Private Lessons


i can teach you how to:

  • Sing

  • play Piano

  • play Ukulele

  • Record your own music

  • Write music

    • actually write it down​

    • play and sing your own music

    • produce music on your computer, tablet, or phone

i teach all ages, 1 on 1 or small groups. If you live close to Wheat Ridge, CO, i can teach you in person. i love to teach online, and you can even learn a lot just by sending me a recording—i'll send you a quick recording of my own with personalized tips.


You can also hire me to record something for you, or perform for private events. Check out the pricing page for more info, and email me (lower left corner of this page).

If you're nervous, i get it. i can help you set clear goals—why do you want to know more about music? Whether you want to impress people with your skill, propose to your partner with an original song, learn music history, sing sweet lullabies to your children, or unlock the secrets of a joyful existence—if it's musical, i can help you understand it.

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