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Winnie the Pooh — Audio Book

This is my first audio book as a narrator and sound engineer. You can name your price (at least $9) to download the audio files and listen at your leisure. If you'd like to give me extra support on my journey to record more audio books & music, you can pay extra—thank you very much!


You can read more about the creation of this project on my blog, here.

After buying the audio book, you'll get an email with a link to download the files. This downloads as a 'zip' file, which you double click, and that opens a folder with all the audio files and cover art. If you'd like lossless audio quality, email me, and i can get that for you (i think mp3s do the trick for a solitary voice, but i respect your preference).

If you have any issues with purchasing or downloading the book, please email me (lower left corner of this page). Thank you for supporting my small scale artistic creations!

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