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This choral piece won third place in a composition contest sponsored by the men's choir Suspicious Cheese Lords. This is my first setting of a Psalm text from the Bible, and I had fun making my own demo recording with 8 or so Tony's.

TYPESTEREO was a folk-rock trio made up of Megan Lowe, Kelsie Bedard, and myself. All three of us wrote songs together from beginning to end, which is a complex and very rewarding process. I love working this way, because it always produces music that is a unique synthesis of our individual styles.

The Katie Turley Band was a five piece rock/pop/funk band in which I sang back up and played keys. I wrote this song for our lead singer Katie Turley, a friend of mine from the University of Denver. Katie is an amazing singer, and it's an honor to hear my songs performed by her beautiful voice.

In Due Time was a six piece funk/rock band that I played in from 2008 to 2014. I played trombone, keys, and sang in this band, and I'm very proud of the few recordings we made together, especially this one, which we made in our guitarist Ethan Que Williams' basement: The Funk Bunk.

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