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Quorum, a collaborative choir of 8 singers, will perform their first concert on Saturday, July 13 at 7:00 pm mountain time. The concert is at First Unitarian Society of Denver:

1400 N. Lafayette St.

Denver, CO 80218

Quorum is committed to singing music that reflects the diverse reality of our world, to sharing the power and beauty of the human voice with listeners who can’t otherwise access live singing. We work in a collaborative, non-hierarchical structure, and wish to educate ourselves and others about cooperative music making and business practices.

Tickets are at least $10, but you may choose to pay more. Purchasing eight copies of sheet music can cost from $16 - $100; your generous purchase can help us fund our next concert.

Since Quorum shares the duties that are normally performed by a single conductor/director, we are able to share money equitably. We are each paid the same hourly rate for the different skills we use to bring a choir concert to life.

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Thank you for supporting collaborative music making!

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