Tony Domenick | Tonic Dominant

Who is tony domenick?

i’m a musician, teacher, philosopher, and sound engineer from Denver, Colorado. my primary instrument was Alto Saxophone until my high school band director convinced me to try Trombone, my Presbyterian choir director convinced me to sing, and a close friend taught me to play “Take 5” and “für Elise” on the piano. i also play Ukulele, and i love the different ideas each of these instruments can inspire.

i teach one on one lessons, small groups, play piano and sing at concerts and events, and run my own recording studio—Studio Panda.


i am lucky to be colleagues with Miss R—i edit videos and work on SEO for her, as well as talk forever about how to regulate ourselves in stressful situations, and help students do the same.

Please explore this website and contact me if you'd like to try a lesson, ask me to make music for you, or just chat. Breath. Smile. Listen. Peace.